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Sabres Rumors du Jour

Do you want a laugh.  Erik Cole to the Sabres (e3).  Tyler Arnason to the Sabres, no idea.  Hockeybuzz is just so much fun to read during the trade deadline.  If only for a good laughing session. 

Eklund is probably the most disliked blogger on the internet.  He brings up as many things as he can, basically throwing as many darts at the board to try and hit something.  Its like a psychic on one of those hotlines, they throw out as many things as they can that if some thing hits, they can say they were right.  It doesn't matter that he was wrong 99 times out of 100, he was right once.

So, lets look at the Sabres rumors as of now.  Due to the Vanek injury, Eklund believes that the Sabres are going to move quickly to try and allieviate the issue.  Even though Regier has always been cool and collective when it comes to moves and has never made a drastic move in season like ever, it may happen.

In return for those players, it looks like Tim Connolly would be the trade bait of choice.  There has been great debate on whether or not to trade Connolly.  I still fall on the side that if he could bring in a good long-term player then I would give it a shot.  The Sabres are talking about trying to extend Connolly's contract after this season with Connolly becoming an unrestricted free agent.  If Connolly signs an extension, the trade bait is over.

Erik Cole has 22 points on the season (12 goals, 10 assists) and is a -4.    Arnason has 17 points (3 goals, 14 assists) and is a -6.  How do either of these players help the Sabres replace Vanek by giving up Connolly.  Could you imagine the outcry if these players came back in return.  It wouldn't work and Regier would be crazy to even contemplate the moves.

As a favor to you all, save your twenty bucks and don't go to Hockeybuzz.