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Gaustad Out, Hecht In

I figured I would make a post out of this.  The Sabres are expecting Jochen Hecht to play tonight.  He will replace Paul Gaustad who apparently was injured in his final shift against the Maple Leafs. 

The only thing this hurts the Sabres in is the apparent difference of physicality between the two players.  Gaustad comes out with a guns ablazing with Mair and Kaleta.  Hecht is pretty much the exact opposite.  The toughness that this team exudes is going to be lacking especially against a team that likes to throw the body around, Montreal is 3rd in the league in total hits. 

Montreal has lost Robert Lang for the season, tied for the team lead in goals, and also 5 of their last seven.  This team is starting to lose their way in the conference just at the same time the Sabres are starting to gain ground.  This game is one that the Sabres need to take to close the gap in the division and the conference.