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The Daily Roundup for 2/26

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Sabres Links

  • The Buffalo News has the goalie situation all covered and all the scenarios that could happen.  Honestly, wouldn't it be easier to sign Corsi to the one day deal and go from there. 
  • Heather from Top Shelf is blaming herself for Lalime getting sick and has some more thoughts from the game on Tuesday. 
  • Ryan from the Roost also has a few things to say. 

Other Playoff Foes

Around the Rest of the League

Eastern Conference Standings

1. Boston 90 Points
2. Washington 81 points
3. New Jersey 79 points
4. Philadelphia 75 points
5. Montreal 71 points
6. Rangers 70 points
7. Florida 68 points
8. Buffalo 68 points
9. Carolina 67 points
10. Pittsburgh 66 points

Games that Matter

Florida vs. Rangers @ 7pm

Buffalo vs. Carolina @ 7pm

We will have the game preview and the next installment of the all-time number debate up later today.  Been a busy couple of days around here.