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The Daily Roundup for Feb. 24

It's a gameday edition of the Daily Roundup.  The Sabres are set to take on the Anaheim Ducks tonight.

Sabres Links has an update on the Ryan Miller injury (which is really no update at all) but it includes some video links and a Vanek update as well.

Larry Brooks at the New York Post has a reaction to Lindy Ruff's comments regarding the Gomez hit on Miller.

Puck Daddy has a full commentary on the Miller situation with a bunch of links.

Ray Slover at Sporting News is on a Sabres kick, the other day it was the Goalie post and now he speculates on what the Sabres might do at the deadline.


Tonight's Opponent


Mark Whicker at the Orange County Register thinks the Ducks should trade nobody at the deadline.

Chris Pronger has his own website and he discussed the trade rumors surrounding him about a week or so ago.



Around the Rest of the League


D.C. Sports Blog talks about the Ovechkin-Crosby rivalry that heated up again on Sunday.

There is some hoopla surrounding a Parody Brian Burke Twitter account that has been blown completely out of proportion.  Puck Daddy sets the record straight.

NHL Digest has a great post about the death of the jersey retirement.

It looks like our friend Danny Briere is set to return to the Flyers on Friday night.