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The Daily Roundup for 2/23

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Sabres Links

The Buffalo News has a good piece on how Miller's ankle could be a lot worse than we expect.

Other Playoff Foes

Canes Country has a recap of the Hurricanes/Avs game last night

Ed Moran from the Philly Daily News feels that the Flyers have no need for Bouwmeester and shouldn't sniff near. 

The Flyers might also be interested in Lehtonen

Sportsnet has a recap of the Leafs/Rangers game.

The Panthers are starting to gain more confidence

The Panthers are also debating Bouwmeester's fate.

Around the Rest of the League

Behind the scenes of the kiss cam in Nashville.

Terry Frei of the Denver Post rails the media, mainstream and blogger alike, on their out of control trade rumors.  Are you listening Dwayne?

Quick note halfway down from Bucky, Pierre McGuire might become the Penguins coach next season.  Hockey fans around the country rejoice. 

Eastern Conference Standings

1. Boston 88 points
2. Washington 81 points
3. New Jersey 79 points
4. Philadelphia 71 points
5. Montreal 69 points
6. Rangers 69 points
7. Florida 68 points
8. Buffalo 68 points
9. Carolina 67 points
10. Pittsburgh 64 points