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The Daily Roundup: Ryan Miller is hurt Edition

I am sure of one thing, last nights game will have a lasting effect on this team.  I'll have much more on the injury and the game later but let's get some reaction from the rest of the blogosphere.

Sabres Links


  • The question for the ages...Heather at Top Shelf is wondering why Scott Gomez still has teeth.  The real question is...are we sure he does?  He is a hockey player.
  • Ryan from The Roost has his reaction to the Miller injury and the lack of the Sabres response.
  • I don't suggest that you take Kevin's advice and hold your breath but I do suggest you read his commentary on how the game and the loss of Ryan Miller.
  • I still ask the question, why Timmy?    I do however agree that I liked the way the Sabres responded.

 Other Playoff Foes

  • The Pens beat the Flyers, something we couldn't do.  Take a look at what Pensurgh had to say about it.
  • The Panthers got a huge 2-0 win over the Bruins and Litter Box Cats are ready to rejoice.

 Around the Rest of the League

 Eastern Conference Standings

1. Boston 88 points
2. New Jersey 79 points
3. Washington 79 points
4. Philadelphia 71 points
5. Montreal 69 points
6.Florida 68 points
7.Buffalo 68 points
8.Rangers 68 points
9. Carolina 65 points
10 Pittsburgh 64 points