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Penguins firing Therrien Affects Sabres in Big Way

The Penguins firing of Therrien can affect the Sabres in the fact that if the Sabres continue the bipolar efforts as of late, they will be out of the playoff hunt.  The Penguins will most likely turn things around for Dan Bylsma and at least make the playoff race more interesting.  They are only 5 points out of the 8th spot with 25 games left in the season.  25 games left is a long time to be able to make up 5 points on a pair of teams. 

The Sabres need to turn things around and start winning to take advantage of the misfortunes of the Canadiens and the Rangers.  If we start to overtake them, then the pressure that the Penguins put on in the next few weeks won't be directed at the Sabres but the teams below them. 

This team has three crucial games against either rivals or playoff teams.  We head to Toronto on Tuesday and Philly on Thursday and then head back home for the Rangers on Saturday.  Taking two of three or possibly 5 out of 6 points would make up for losing to the Canes last night.  This team needs an influx of something and they need it quickly.