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Get Butts Handed To You At Home, Change Lines

Vogl from the News is reporting a few changes in the lines heading into the Sabres/Leafs game tomorrow night.  Connolly has been moved from the first line to the third line between Ellis and Kotalik and MacArthur has been moved to the second line with Hecht and Pominville. 

Obviously the changes need to be made in that the team has scored 1 or less in two of their last three games.  Pominville and Hecht couldn't make it work with Connolly so things probably aren't going to get much better with MacArthur.  Connolly and Kotalik have worked well in the past so the chemistry is there between the two.  This offense does need a jolt and with the next week being against opponents that are either rivals in the Maple Leafs or better playoff teams in the Flyers and Rangers, that jolt may very well happen. 

The Sabres sit in the eighth spot in the conference, three points ahead of the Hurricanes and two points behind the Rangers and Canadiens.  Both the Rangers and Canadians and Rangers are starting to hit a tail slide so the chance is there to move up the conference.  The Penguins in the 10th spot and 5 points out of the hunt have fired Michel Therrien, so most likely they will start to surge.