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It's time to Fear the Fin

I am not an expert on the San Jose Sharks so I asked our frien Mr. Plank from Fear the Fin to share his thoughts on the Sharks for us.  He not only supplied us with an in depth look at the Sharks season but he also sprinkled in plenty of humor.  I would hate to see such a nice guy suffer a loss but I think we need the win much more than they do.  Anyway, here is what he had to say...

Much like the Sabres, the Sharks have been struggling in the past week, dropping four out of five with a late game comeback against Boston on Tuesday providing the only comfort for a fanbase whose nerves seem to crumble the closer we get to playoff time. Now it's usually considered faux pas to enlighten our opponents on just what needs to be done to secure a victory, but Die By The Blade seems to be filled with nice enough people (along with being a part of the same blog network- am I not contractually inclined to treat you with the same respect that my drunk uncle receives during the holidays?). Throw in the fact that the Sabres organization was generous enough to give us the rights to Brian Campbell at the deadline last year, and I think we can find it in our hearts to give you some secrets. After all you did lead us to Dan Boyle, which in turn caused us to send Craig Rivet your way- hey! We could even consider this a nice little long distance loving relationship! Oh yeah. Almost forgot.....

Regardless, the Sharks are in the hunt to lock down the top seed in the West and the current effort just isn't cutting it. If we're going to take advantage of the seven million dollar machine's current affinity for pureed foods, two keys need to be fulfilled. It's not Letterman's top ten list, but it will have to do. That's all you ask? Hey now we're from the West Coast, all we do is play the guitar at the beach all day. Oh, and we probably made the computer you're reading this article on but to-may-to, to-maw-to eh?

1) Breakout Like A Teenager: The Sharks have had some mighty big trouble getting out of their own end lately (Nabokov is a good looking guy yes, but that's no excuse). What we have been seeing is the forwards getting a little too hungry to get to the other end of the ice, breaking early from the zone, and subsequently forcing our D-men to float passes towards the middle of the ice instead of clearing the puck up the boards. When you add in some bad line changes that have resulted in odd-man opportunities and pucks in the net, why it's just about enough to make you consider not even waiting for the second round for things to implode.

2) Determination: The Sharks haven't had to worry about standings points for awhile now, and it's funny that the last sentence in your preview mentions how the Sabres are fighting for their lives. That's what has been missing in San Jose's game- fight. The lead we've built over this season is a double edged sword- the Sharks may have the liberty to not rush the injured back to action (Jeremy Roenick, Torrey Mitchell, and Brad Lukowich are notables), but there's no desperation in the way the game is played. For the Sharks to build some momentum, they need to take a page from Buffalo's book and start battling each and every shift.

Thanks for having me guys. Looking forward to an exciting game tonight.

Pretty in depth analysis like I mentioned.  Hopefully Lindy Ruff and the coaching staff will take a gander at the game plan because if Wednesday is any indication...we need plenty of help.