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A Breakdown of the New Lines

Since the next game isn't until Wednesday and there isn't much else to talk about lets breakdown the new look Sabres from the lines that Mike Harrington posted yesterday on the Sabres Edge blog.


This line is what Ruff is thinking as the major scoring line.  Connolly and Stafford have been playing well as of late so breaking them apart would be kind of crazy at this point.  Putting Roy on that line though seems like overkill.  Roy is a major scorer and could use Connolly well but he is also your major scorer.  Roy and Connolly are going to be the leading scorers while Vanek is out.  Putting them on the same line gives the opponent a better chance to shut them both down at the same time.


Pominville hasn't scored a goal in the last 6 games.  Hecht has 6 goals in 42 games.  MacArthur hasn't scored in the last 9 games and only once in the last 17.  This line is destined to fail.  Three struggling players this season are not going to make each other better.  They need playmakers to help them out that isn't Derek Roy.  I say that because Roy has been on this line and they still haven't performed.


Your wild card line.  A banger line that does have some finesse.  Kotalik has shown signs of physicality in the past.  Kaleta and Ellis can move the puck and also put it in the back of the net.  The only issue I have with this is that Kotalik needs a feeder which Kaleta and Ellis are not.


A checking line with a struggling winger that has fallen out of grace as of late.  Not much else to comment here.

These lines aren't half bad and there are more things at play that the coaches would know better than I would.  The only major change that I would do is the switching of Roy and Pominville at this point and see how they play.  Other than that, not much else you can do at this point.  Feel free to point out how ridiculous I am in the comments below.

EDIT:  A couple of notes that have come out.  Ruff has changed his lines according to the Sabres Edge blog this morning.

New Lines from Ruff which also happen to be the




Peters-Ellis-Paestch (Paestch is in here because Kaleta is out for "maintenance")

Notice that these are exactly the same lines that D.O proposed over in another post earlier this morning.  These sound much better than the earlier lines and it would be interesting to see what they produce.  Quick question though, have Roy and Pominville been paired together all season or have they been separated?