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Daily Links for Saturday, Dec. 5

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It's Hockey Night in Buffalo tonight, with the Sabres hosting the slumping Rangers. Make sure you check after the break to check out our daily hockey gift idea and to see who got fired yesterday (hint: it rhymes with Schmon Schmevens.)

Rangers at Sabres - Game Previews |
A preview of tonight's game from the big daddy site.

Some words on the internet about Butler's return, the recent scoring binge, Lalime's Portland debut, and a chance to get an original Aud brick signed by Gil Perreault.

Sekera proving to be a tough out | Buffalo Sabres
The Buffalo News must be reading Rafal's articles, because today they posted this look at how Sekera has played his way into the lineup and is making it tough for Ruff to scratch him.

Flyers fire John Stevens as coach, hire Peter Laviolette | ESPN
The Flyers got off to a good start, but have failed to live up to the Stanley Cup aspirations that many experts (and fans) had of them. Laviolette was still under contract from Carolina after getting fired by hem in December 2008, but received permission to peak to Philly by th Carolina brass.

Shanahan joins NHL offices in executive role |
Brendan Shanahan didn't stay retired for long. The three-time Stanley Cup champion was named the NHL's vice-president of hockey and business development Thursday, less than three weeks after ending his 22-year playing career.

Hockey Gifts: Hockey Tie Edition
If you've got a hockey dad in your house, he should already have at least one hockey tie in his closet. If he doesn't (or if he just needs more) then click the link above to take you to and some nice, subtle hockey-themed ties. For a classy Buffalo Sabres tie, check out this link.