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Daily Links for Wednesday, Dec. 30

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Three more Olympic rosters have been announced, and another Sabre goes to the Big Show. Also, I forgot to round up the rankings yesterday, so here they are today.

Tide turns on the Pens: Buffalo comes back for a 4-3 win | PensBurgh
The Pittsburgh Penguins blow a 3 goal lead and take a tough loss in Buffalo to backup goalie Patrick Lalime and the Sabres 4-3.

Chara, Gaborik, Hossa highlight Slovakian roster announcement |
Andrej Sekera has been named to the Slovakian Olympic team, and I say good for the kid.

Let us not forget, Tyler Ennis is a goal-per-game player in the NHL.

Power Rankings Roundup:
The Sporting News: #6 (posted Dec. 28)
TSN: #9 (posted Dec. 29)
Fox Sports: #6 (posted Dec 29)

Norway returns core of World Championship team for Olympics |
Norway also named its roster today, boasting only one NHLer.

Latvia's Olympic roster boasts pair of NHL players |
If you've ever heard of any player or non-NHL/AHL team on the Latvian roster, I'll give you a dollar.

2010 Olympic roster announcements | From The Rink
If you're wondering when the country you care about is going to announce its Olympic roster, apparently they have set dates to do so.