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Daily Links for Thursday, Dec. 24

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Merry Christmas Eve to all, even though you may not be feeling so merry after watching last night's game. Even if Buffalo couldn't get us a win under our tree, they've still given us the present of being a first place team for most of the season. And that, my friends, is something to be thankful for. I hope that you and your families have a healthy, happy, and safe holiday. The Links will return on Monday after the Sabres showdown with the Ottawa Senators.

Top Ten Stories of the Decade | WGR 550
The Staff at WGR is putting together their list of the Top 10 Buffalo sports moments of the decade, and are up to #6. The list is sure to be mostly depressing, but there are definitely some good feelings sprinkled among the heartbreak.

Miller looks to continue Leaf mastery | The Globe and Mail
Having only allowed four goals against Toronto this season, the biggest concern for Buffalo goaltender is maintaining his playing weight. There are some pretty funny Miller quotes in this article.

'10' On Ice | ESPN
ESPN puts together its own exhaustive "Top-10 everything" list for the decade. Not a ton of surprises, but a whole lot of reading here.

Heads-up! NHL could make rule to ban high hits | Sporting News
With a game that's played at such high speeds and with such unpredictability (it's played on ice) is this even possible?

Free Skating At Fenway? It'll Cost You | Deadspin
Scalpers, by definition, resell tickets at multiples of face value. Boston scalpers, perhaps having failed math, have marked up ostensibly free tickets by some magic factor that turns zero dollars into: lots of money. I never liked Bostonians anyway.

Hockey Gifts: Stocking Stuffers
If you're still looking for Christmas gifts, then shame on you for procrastinating. You can find Sabres or hockey trinkets at any mall or sporting goods store, so here we give you a sample of what's available on the cheap from Laux Sporting Goods. Hopefully these gifts have been at least interesting and at best useful to you in your holiday shopping. Merry Christmas!