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Daily Links for Wednesday, Dec. 23

Only 2 more days to go until Chrsitmas, so today is going to be our last internet-only hockey gift, since technically you can get next day shipping and get it by the 24th. However, if you're willing to pay next-day shipping, you're probably rich, so today's gift is appropriately expensive and ridiculous.

Myers, Kaleta miss practice | Sabres Edge
Don't worry, Myers was just resting. Kaleta is still working on his neck, but Butler and Vanek both skated today. They should be back soon.

Kevin Sylvester gives some insight into the Buffalo Sabres.

Garth over at Hockeybuzz compares the Capitals to the '06-'07 Sabres, and explains why Lindy has chosen to remake the team in the image of Detroit.

Proof that Christmas and hockey go together | ESPN
Want proof that Christmas and hockey go together? John Buccigross shows you why this is the ultimate holiday merger.

The top 10 NHL shootout goals of the last decade | Puck Daddy
We're closing in on the end of the decade but we still have a few more lists to get through. How 'bout the top 10 shootout goals of the decade?

Hockey Gifts: Buffalo Sabres Dreamseat
Everyone likes leather recliners, and everyone likes the Sabres, so why not put them together? This $1,200 seat is the ultimate in fan comfort.