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Daily Links for Saturday, Dec. 19

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Last night's game wasn't quite as well played as the final score might indicate, but I don't think anyone here is complaining about a 5-2 win. The Sabres will have a tough test tonight, as the always dangerous Penguins come into town. Bring it boys! Also, after the break, I think we have the best collection of funny links in my short tenure as the Links guy.

F**k Vesa Toskala in His Stupid Ass | Pension Plan Puppets
No recap from PPP as of midnight, but this 3rd period post pretty much sums it up.

Miller mental maturation paying big dividends | The Hockey News
How on Earth is Ryan Miller so good? THN says it's all in his head.

The Best Rookie | Kukla's Korner
AHHH!!! We haven't had a Tyler Myers article in at least two days!!! Luckily, here is a short but sweet article from someone who thinks he not only can, but should win the Calder Trophy.

Signs your hockey player husband might have sixteen mistresses | Down Goes Brown
With all the Tiger Woods coverage over the last few days, hockey wives everywhere are freaking out about their own husbands. Maple Leafs blog Down Goes Brown puts together this hilarious, hockey-related list of signs your man may be he next Tiger Woods.

Wild's equipment van catches fire in Scotiabank Place parking lot | TSN
In one of the more weird stories of the year, the equipment van for the Minnesota Wild caught on fire this afternoon in the parking lot of Scotiabank Place in Ottawa prior to the Wild's game against the Senators on Saturday.

Sabres Gifts: WTF Zazzle?
Zazzle has collected a ton of Sabres gear, some of it worthwhile, but some of it is just so God-awful that you simply have to check it out. We're talking designed-in-Microsoft-Paint bad.