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Daily Links for Friday Dec. 18

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Happy Friday everyone! As an experiment, we'll be forgoing the game previews, since nobody really said they enjoyed them too much and we have our own previews now anyway. We will still be including other SBNation recaps when available, and we may put in a preview or two here or there when it's tough to find Sabres articles. Today we offer some good news on Gaustad and two viewpoints on the Kaleta hit. Here's hoping for a win tonight and a good start to the weekend!

In the best news I've heard in a while, best-faceoff-man-ever-in-the-history-of-the-universe Paul Gaustad is set to return to the lineup toady against the Leafs.

Patrick Kaleta Needs His Brain Too | Top Shelf
Heather B over at Top Shelf shares her opinions on the Rutuu hit and the God-awful Bob Mckenzie commentary on TSN that followed. If you haven't seen the McKenzie clip, it's linked on Top Shelf - just watch it and get enraged.

SCRUUTU'd | Hockeybuzz
Garth from Hockeybuzz offer his always-outspoken opinion on the Rutuu hit and fine. Personally, I think it's awful that the NHL can't set a standard for hits - one head shot is worth a suspension while another is just worth a fine, it all depends on the players involved.

Winter Classic now a Winter Antique? | Sabre Noise
Tim over at Sabre Noise posts a short but thought provoking article about the Winter Classic. Do you think holding it every year diminishes its value? Sound off in the comments.

The most lopsided NHL trades of the last decade | Puck Daddy
Everyone loves lists right? Especially as we near the end of the decade (arguably) it's fun to look back and rank things. Puck Daddy ranks the best trades, and the Sabres are on here? But for who?!

Hockey Gifts: From The Goose's Roost
Ryan shares his thoughts on what sports fans want for Christmas. This isn't necessarily hockey related, but there's something on this for any sports fan.