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Daily Links for Thursday, Dec. 17

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Well, at least we have an excuse for the loss last night. I blame the Ottawa hotel for purposely poisoning the Sabres room service. Next time the Sens come to Buffalo, someone needs to return the favor*.

Senators shut down Sabres in 2-0 victory | Silver Seven
Thanks to a first-period goal from Alex Picard and some help from Mr. Food Poisoning, the Ottawa Senators defeated the Northeast Division-leading Buffalo Sabres 2-0 at Scotiabank Place on Dec. 16, 2009.

Good luck keeping this NHL prospect down | Sports
Let's hope that Kassian can get his head on straight. The Sabres have a couple of years before they have to decide where he fits in the organization. I think we all broke curfew a time or two when we were 18 but we probably had a lot less to lose.

The Buffalo Sabres are launching a new online hockey game called Power Lineup that will allow fans to compete for a grand prize of $3,000 in SabreBucks. It's sort of like playing fantasy hockey, but only with Sabres players and only with +/-. It starts on Dec. 18th, so get in and win yourself some $$.

* Note: Please do not actually poison the Senators.

Playing sick: It's a hockey tradition, but is it good for your health? |
About a week ago, Brendan Witt got hit by a GMC Yukon making an illegal left turn. That night, he was right back at work trying to block shots on the power play. With all the recent concussions and subsequent safety questions being asked in football, Jason Bourne asks whether hockey's "macho" tradition is one that is worth saving.

The Top 10 Current Lines in the NHL | Bleacher Report
Hockey is a sport that takes every single player on a particular team, to work to the best of their ability in order to reach a certain goal. However, some lines are better than other. These lines are better then all others.

Hockey Gift Idea: Buffalo Sabres Flower Vase
If you're getting flowers for your lady this Christmas, why not put them in a Buffalo Sabres vase? This link also has many other assorted glassware pieces such as pitchers, candy jars, and more.