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Daily Links for Wednesday, Dec. 16

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A question for the community: do you all still want us to post previews from and recaps from other SBNation sites (when available) every game day now that DBTB is running our own? Or would you rather use that space for different links and perspectives? Post your opinion in the comments, and we shall make it so.

Sabres at Senators Preview |
A preview of tonight's game from the site of some hockey league.

Sentaors lose Spezza | Sabres Edge
In a break for the Sabres, Ottawa will be without the services of Jason Spezza for up to two months. This link also takes you to an article where Lindy talks about how Thomas Vanek is playing some of the best hockey of his career over the last 10 days. Really Lindy, best of his career?

Pixelated Ryan Miller and More | The Goose's Roost
If you're in the 20-30 age range, chances are you have fond memories of playing the old NHL games on your SEGA Genesis or SNES. Ryan over at the Goose's Roost tells you how you can play NHL '94 on your computer today with the rosters from this season! Of course, you can always use the old rosters and make Gretzky's head bleed, if that's your thing (this link NSFW)

Positive outlook helps teen cope with injury | Montreal Gazette
Marc-André Émond, 15, is determined to walk again after a hit from behind left the hockey player paralyzed. This young man has a very inspirational story and shows an incredible maturity for someone so young.

The 10 best hockey fights of the last decade | Puck Daddy
Puck Daddy continues its 10 best of the decade series with the 10 best fights. One Sabre makes the list, though not while he was on the team.

Hockey Gifts: Sabres Team Specials
I'm sure most people have seen this, but in case you've missed it, the team is running some holiday specials. $99 gets you a Jeanerette card, $20 in Sabrebucks and two 300 Level tickets to any Silver game. For historians out there, $119 gets you a commemorative brick from the Aud and two 300 Level tickets.