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Daily Links for Tuesday, Dec. 15

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If you missed last night's game, you certainly missed a doozy. Of course, we missed half the game too because the Versus cameraman was apparently covering his first hockey game and had a bit of trouble following the puck. What we could see was pretty great though, with another shorty for Patrick Kaleta, and an incredible game-saving stop from Miller with 19 seconds left and Montreal on a dominating power play. Check after the break for a story from a transplanted Buffaloian, our gift suggestion, and a worth charity to donate to this holiday season.

Buffalo Sabres vs Montreal Coverage | SBNation
For something different, here's the SBNation page for the game last night, which has a recap and collects articles from the SBNation pages for both teams.

SabreCast 2.12 – Keys to Success
This week's Sabrecast talks about what the team must do in order to keep having success this season.

Tuesday Rankings Roundup:
Starting today, and running every Tuesday, we're going to collect 3 Power Rankings from around he web to see how the Sabres stack up. We'll rotate the rankings to get some variety, and the links will take you to those rankings.
TSN: #6
ESPN: #8
USA Today: #7

How I stopped worrying about Buffalo and Love the Blues | St. Louis Game Time
A complementary piece about how a former Buffaloian becomes a Blues fan.

"That's What Christmas Means To Me" Music Video To Benefit Hockey Fights Cancer | YouTube
Igor Larionov's daughters Alyonka and Diana have produced a Christmas music video and are encouraging people to donate money to Hockey Fights Cancer, which is a cancer research charity sponsored by he NHL. The link takes you to the YouTube video, and you can reach the donation site from there.

Hockey Gifts: Buffalo Sabres Mr. Potato Head
If you're going to buy a Mr. Potato Head for your young'un this Christmas, why not help the Sabres indoctrination by getting them a Buffalo Sabres themed Mr. Potato Head? It's like killing two birds with one stone.