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Daily Links for Monday, Dec. 14

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Another Monday brings another Sabres game on the VS network. If you really want to hear Rick and Harry, they're still available on the WGR 550 website, just click Listen Live up in the top corner.

Sabres at Canadiens Preview |
A preview of tonight's game from the North American Hockey League.

Grier back, Gerbe out and Mancari gone | Sabres Edge
The title says it all. Check the link for more descriptive comments from Lindy. Click here to see what the coach had to say about the unfortunate situation with Mike Grier and his family.

Hank | Top Shelf
Heather over at Top Shelf is already taking a look at the offseason, and is making a plea for Henrik Tallinder to be a top priority, over Lydman and Rivet. Agree?

Straight to shootout |
With more and more games being decided in a shootout, is it time the NHL got rid of the overtime period? Statistics say........maybe. What do you think?

You can still see her smiling | ESPN
When Larry Pleau received the news, the first place he turned to was his team. And it was this hockey family that helped the Blues GM and his wife get through their darkest hour. A very nice article about the triumph of a woman over cancer and a great example of how a classy organization treats its employees.

Hockey Gifts: Bedtime Edition
Want to fall asleep in the arms of your favorite hockey team? Check the links for bedding, pillows, bedskirts, and more.