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Daily Links for Sunday, Dec. 13

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I can't decide which back-to-back I love more, back-to-back wins, or back-to-back goals by Sr. Patrick Kaleta. I think they're like children, I love them both equally! Don't forget after the break for our Hockey Gift Idea, and an article from the New York Times. Yeah, that New York Times.

Kaleta scores twice, Sabres down Rangers 3-2 - Blueshirt Banter
A recap of last night's game from Blueshirt Banter.

Projected 2010 Olympic hockey rosters for Canada and Team USA |
Allan Muir projects the Canadian and American Olympics teams and there are 3 (three!) Sabres on the rosters. Also, I like hearing the phrase "Ryan Miller is the most dangerous player in the world right now."

Time has come for 'Big Easy' Myers | Fox Sports
Yet another article about Myers, but this one is worth a read to hear what his father has to say about him and how he was raised.

Rise in Canadian Dollar Has Positive Effect on N.H.L. | The New York Times
Canadian hockey teams were once considered poor cousins of their American peers, but Canada’s rising currency has strengthened their hand.

For some teams, defense actually has a place in shootout | Puck Daddy
Just how many defensemen actually take shots in the shootout? And are they any good? Puck Daddy investigates.

Hockey Gifts: Autograph Edition
If you're interested in getting an autographed gift this Christmas, Steiner Sports Memorabilia has many different items autographed by many different players, most of them named Ryan Miller. For some other players (including many older ones), check out