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Daily Links for Saturday, Dec. 12

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I don't know how you can ask better from the Buffalo Sabres over the last 2 games, beating the best teams in the East and West. And how about Patty Lalime, coming up huge last night with 39 saves? I don't think any of us would complain if Lalime played like that the rest of the season. Those 2 games in Portland really seemed to help him shake the rust off - give him some more consistent work Lindy!

Agoraphobia Comes To Chicago: Hawks 1 - Sabres 2 | Second City Hockey
A wrap of last night's game that includes the words "alligator f**khouse." If that doesn't make you want to read it, I don't know what will.

Street fight: Kane and Kennedy take it inside | The Buffalo News
In case you missed it yesterday, there was a really nice article in the Buffalo News about the history Tim Kennedy and Patrick Kane. Imagine a teenage street hockey game with 3 future NHL-ers and a college superstar. That was everyday life for these guys.

Sabres at Rangers Preview |
A preview of tonight's game from La Liga (of hockey).

Ice Edge, NHL sign letter of intent for sale of Coyotes | TSN
The Ice Edge investment group has signed a letter of intent to purchase the financially floundering Phoenix Coyotes from the NHL with a long-term commitment to keep the team in Arizona. The 37 hockey fans in Phoenix rejoice, tens of thousands of Southern Ontario residents weep.

Ageless Alfie still going strong for Senators |
Daniel Alfredsson is playing as well as any 37-year old can expect to play? What's the Ottawa captain's secret? Well, he doesn't tell you, but it's still a nice read about a competitor that I don't like but do respect.

Hockey Gifts: Slingbox
Do you have a traveling or out of town hockey fan who wishes they could catch the Sabres games while away from home? With a Slingbox hooked up to your home TV, your out-of-towner can watch local television on their computer or iPhone in high quality. Genius, I tell you, genius!