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DLD: Hargrove Resigns, Millbury Speaks and LaFontaine to make Buffalo Appearance

Good Monday morning.  The Sabres are off until Wednesday again meaning we still have two days until gameday.  I know most of us were anxious to see them play last week after a disappointing loss to the Islanders on Saturday.  This weekend they dropped a pair of games, are you still anxious for the game on Wednesday? Video
Mike Millbury had some interesting things to say during Hockey Night in Canada. Many people are not happy with what he said in regards to hits to the head. He definitely needs to be more compassionate to the victims of serious injury but he makes some valid points. Nobody ever talks about the victims role in these hits they always want to blame the person who delivers the hit.

Cam Ward In Stable Condition After Being Cut by Skate - SB Nation
It was a scary moment when Cam Ward was cut by the skate of Rick Nash on Saturday night. This thread will feed you with continuous updates of the injury.

Power Play Luncheon - Buffalo Sabres - News
The Buffalo Sabres announced today that former Sabres captain Pat LaFontaine will be the keynote speaker at the next Power Play Luncheon. If you have a chance, go to this event. It will be well worth the $29.

NHLPA Ombudsman Buzz Hargrove Resigns Position - SB Nation
The NHLPA is a mess. How else do you describe what has happened over the last couple of months. They should just fire everyone, justified or not and start over.

David Krejci cleared to practice - Stanley Cup of Chowder
David Krejci given the OK to return to the team after being diagnosed with the H1N1 virus.

Biron v. Roloson: You make the call - Lighthouse Hockey
An interesting post from Lighthouse Hockey. Admit it...we all have interest in Martin Biron. With nine games under each of their belts, the win-loss records are different, but their save percentages are similar: So who's the better Islanders goalie -- Martin Biron or Dwayne Roloson?