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Wake Up Links: Sabres Ready For Tough Weekend

Tonight will be the start of a tough weekend for the Sabres.  The two opponents play entirely different styles of hockey and that could make it difficult for the Sabres to adjust their style.  The Flyers score the most goals in the NHL while the Bruins have struggled to find the back of the net.

Flyers-Sabres Preview - NHL News - FOX Sports on MSN
Flyers-Sabres Preview

The Buffalo Sabres were missing a trio of players from practice on Thursday afternoon, including Andrej Sekera. Paetsch might get another chance in the lineup. The Flyers are the best offensive team the Sabres have faced this season so defense will be important tonight.

Sabres Edge: Flyers coach mentions those who must not be named
John Stevens gets it...why doesn't everyone else. In the past there was too much talk about a lack of offense. The only time the offense didn't score was when they were to concerned with their own end. With Miller between the pipes, the Sabres have the perfect mix.

The Hockey News: Joe DiPenta's Blog: Joe DiPenta’s Blog: Getting used to AHL life
We followed Joe Dipenta's Hockey News blog during the off-season and he is continuing to update now from Portland. It is always fun to hear what a player has to say about a situation.

NHL Attendance Down After October - SB Nation
This is not completely unexpected. With the economy in shambles people have very limited extra money to spend on attending NHL games.

Fighting: Just like Chess - Behind The Net
Who's the best fighter in the NHL? Behind the Net combines user votes with chess ratings to figure it out.