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Daily Links for Monday, Nov. 30

The Links took a day off yesterday after having a bit too much fun at their cousin's wedding and being computer-less all weekend. So today we have the usual day-after links from the Saturday game, as well as previews for tonight's game against some team from across the border.

Buffalo Plays Rope-A-Dope with Carolina | Canes Country
A depressing recap of Saturday night's game from Canes Country.

Buffalo Sabres vs. Toronto Maple Leafs Preview | ESPN
A preview of tonight's game, which is being broadcast on Versus tonight rather than MSG.

Sabres Blog-Off (Round 1) | The NHL Arena
In case you somehow missed the post directly below this one, vote for DBTB over at The NHL Arena and help us win the internet!

Leafs scrap at practice; Komisarek may return Monday | TSN
Apparently all is not well with our neighbors to the north. AM640 in Toronto is reporting that punches were thrown between Maple Leaf teammates, even tough they should be happy that D-man Mike Komisarek is expected to play on Monday night for the fist time since Nov. 10.

The 10 biggest NHL stories of the last decade | Puck Daddy
Greg over at Puck Daddy takes a look at the 10 biggest stories of the decade, including two stories dealing with the Sabres - one good and one bad.

Picture perfect | The Hockey News
Sam McCaig at THN provides a collection of humorous hockey photos, including a few with some former Sabres (links at the bottom of the article.)