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Daily Links for Saturday, Nov. 28

Oh happy day! The Sabres four game losing streak has finally come to an end thanks to the scoring of Tim Connolly and the tenacity of "O Captain My Captain" Craig Rivet. Let's hope Buffalo can put the hurt on Carolina and start themselves on a winning streak tonight and begin their climb back to the top of the Eastern conference.

Hobbled Flyers drop another to Sabres 4-2 | Broad Street Hockey
Travis over at Broad Street Hockey recaps the game from the other side.

Carolina Hurricanes vs. Buffalo Sabres Preview | ESPN
The AP preview of the game tonight, courtesy of the folks in Bristol.

Patrick Kaleta can't avoid being part of controversial hits | Puck Daddy
Puck daddy talks about Kaleta's busy week in the taking/giving hits department.

Epic Fail: Thrashers 6, Canes 4 | Canes Country
Here's how tonight opponent, Carolina, played on Friday. They should be demoralized, and Buffalo should be able to pick on one player in particular. Read on to find out who!

These Toronto Maple Leafs Need Your Patience | Bleacher Report
Our division rivals need your patience. Why? Bleacher Report explains what it takes to build a winner.

Why the Maple Leafs Matter | THN
For some reason we've got a lot of Leafs coverage today. The Leafs are the Yankees of the hockey world though, so I suppose it makes sense.