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Daily Links for Friday, Nov. 27

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Hopefully everyone at DBTB had a great Thanksgiving! Unfortunately not many people write hockey articles on Thanksgiving, so then pickings are a bit slim today. Luckily, the Sabres play at 1pm today (what?!) so w'll have something to talk about tonight. Let's go Buffalo!

Buffalo Sabres vs. Philadelphia Flyers | ESPN
A preview of the game from Bristol, CT.

Garth breaks down our lack of scoring and offers some tips to light a fire under the team.

Shopping today? Get some nice discounts at the Sabres Store.

What is your reaction to Brendan Burke's story | TSN
TSN's Dave Hodge offers his thoughts on Brenden Burke's story (that we linked to earlier this week)

Senators goalie Leclaire suffers broken cheekbone while on bench |
In a bizarre turn of events, Pascal Leclaire was injured while sitting on the bench. We can only hope this bad luck continues and Ottawa is headed for a losing streak.

The 5 best, 5 worst NHL decisions in the last decade | Puck Daddy
Ryan Lambert over at Puck daddy breaks down the best and worst decisions of the NHL in the last 10 years. A nice read.