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Daily Links for Thursday, Nov. 26

Another night, another disappointing loss for Buffalo. Hockey sadness aside, all of us here at DBTB hope that you have the happiest of Thanksgivings and that you're able to spend some time with family and friends.

Recap: Caps 2, Sabres 0 | Japers' Rink
A recap of the game from Japers' Rink.

Grier brings calming touch back to lineup | The Buffalo News
A nice article about how Grier makes our lineup better, as well as a bit about Myers.

Tim Thomas Recovering From Possible Broken Right Hand |
Tim Thomas hasn't played in 4 games, and NESN is now reporting his "upper body injury" may be a broken hand. It seems like this would all but cement Miller as the starting goalie for Team USA.

Team Canada should rely on dynamic duos | THN
John Grigg from The Hockey News argues that Team Canada should put high-performing teammates on the Olympic team over possibly more-deserving players. An interesting take on it, what do you all think?

Overtime | Behind The Net
Are NHL overtime and shootout outcomes pure luck? Behind the Net takes a look using things like mathematics and graphs. You've been warned.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!