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Daily Links for Wednesday, Nov. 25

Hockey is back tonight with a tough road game against Washington. Previews and Sabres news before the break, and a potpourri of intriguing links from around the NHL after.

Buffalo Sabres vs. Washington Capitals Preview | ESPN
A preview of tonight's game from the self-proclaimed Worldwide Leader.

Kevin Sylvester shares his thoughts on the team over the past week, including why Thomas Vanek is slumping and how he can break out of it.

Leveling the Playing Field | Japers' Rink
In case you have trouble recognizing Washington Capitals players not named Ovechkin, David Getz over at Jasper's Rink has put together this piece about what everyone's stats would look like if they all got the same ice time. An interesting idea, and it gives us an idea of who to watch out for on the Caps other than Ovie.

Long-Time Capitals and Wizards Owner Passes Away
Abe Pollin, owner and founder of the Washington Wizards and long-time owner of the Capitals, died Tuesday at the age of 85. Pollin was well-known for his numerous charitable contribution to the city of Washington, D.C., including building the Verizon Center with much of his own money. Our condolences go out to all sports fans in the D.C. area today.

Flyers' Briere suspended for two games - - News
Looks like the Flyers will be without Danny on Friday afternoon.

"We love you, this won't change a thing" | ESPN
John Buccigross probably needs no linking, as his columns are regular must-reads for any passionate hockey fan. However, this story of Toronto GM Brian Burke's son Brendan and his struggle with how to tell his father he's gay is an incredibly well-written, intimate look at the struggles of a son and the acceptance of a father.