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Daily Links for Thursday, Nov. 19

The Sabres did their best chicken impression last night and laid an egg. With another tough weekend coming up let's hope Lindy and Co. can figure out how to right the ship.

Vokoun shines as surging Panthers beat Sabres
The TSN writeup about the game last night. Let's hope we don't have to watch a game like that for a long while.

NHL Power Rankings, Week 7 - SB Nation
SB Nation weekly rankings have the Sabres rising. This was written before last night's stinker.

The Hockey News: Troubled youth
Tyler Myers has continued to impress here in Buffalo beyond his 10-game try-out. But what if his play had begun to decline sharply? THN discusses the decision Colorado must face with slumping rookie center Matt Duchene.

The 10 best individual stats seasons of the last decade
Puck Daddy takes a look at 10 amazing seasons since 2000. Sadly, no Sabres are on the list, but it's still a fun and interesting read.

Video: When Swedish goal celebrations go wrong - Puck Daddy
Henrik Anderson tries his best Alex Ovechkin celebration after scoring his first goal of the season. Predictable hilarity ensues.