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DLD: Sabres Record Could be Broken

The Buffalo Sabres hold the NHL record for consecutive road wins to start a season with 10. It was set by the 2006-2007 team that eventually won the Presidents Trophy. The New Jersey Devils are 9-0 in road games this season as they head into Philadelphia to take on the Flyers.

Devils eye Buffalo's record of 10 straight road wins as they head to Philly - - News
Is this a record we want to keep? Should we be rooting against the Devils tonight? It seems like a pretty strange record because the wins are not consecutive. There are home games played in between. I personally could care less if they break the record or not.

SabreCast - The Unofficial Buffalo Sabres Fan Podcast " Blog Archive " SabreCast 2.8 – Sabres Strike Back
This weeks episode of the SabreCast.

Logic and Netting: An idea for video replay | Hockey Independent
A look at logic and video replay in the NHL. I personally find the logic to be flawed. The netting that protects the crowd is thin and pulled tight. If used on the net it would make the netting easy to cut with a skate and would have to much bounce for a hard slap shot. The netting is fine the way it is.

Sabres Beat Flyers 3-2, Win Streak Ends at Five - Broad Street Hockey
Sabres Beat Flyers 3-2, Win Streak Ends at Five