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DLD: MacArthur Hit on Reddox is All the Rage

Am I the only one that thinks Liam Reddox deserves some of the blame for this hit because he steps in front of MacArthur at the last minute?  In addition, you can see Reddox already falling to the ice before MacArthur gives him a shove to the back.  We continuously see players not protect themselves from a hit and this is no different. I have been consistent in my belief this needs to stop. When Patrick Kaleta was hit this way last season against the Canadiens, I said the same thing.  Players need to protect themselves from hist and not put themselves in position to be hit in this manner.

Miller and defence hold fort as Sabres top Oilers
"Watching it on tape, (MacArthur) knew exactly what he was doing," Oilers coach Pat Quinn said. "I don't have anything to say on it. His head got smacked, and he took a pretty nasty hit." Really, he knew exactly what he was doing? I would guess that Reddox knew exactly what he was doing when he leaned in front of him with his back to the boards too.

Oilers powerless to dull Sabres
A loo at the Sabres 3-1 win over the Oilers...from the enemy journalist perspective.

Buffalo - Springfield Post-Game. That Was Springfield, Right? - The Copper & Blue
It's amazing how different sides see the same play so differently. Here is the post and an excerpt from Copper & Blue regarding the MacArthur hit. Would-be Falcons were certainly making an impact on the night. Whether it was Ryan Potulny's limp-wristed feebleness leading to the first goal or Liam Reddox getting nerve stapled by Clarke MacArthur on a play that should be a ten-game suspension and will be a firmly shaken finger from Colin Campbell saying not to do it again, it was all about the guys from the Falcons.

NHL GMs propose rule change on head shots - - NHL Insider
NHL general managers plan to deliver a proposed rules change on blows to the head at the upcoming NHL General Managers Meeting in March.