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DLD: Miller or Thomas for Team USA?

It was an interesting day for the Sabres when they placed fan favorite Adam Mair on waivers.  We might be stuck in our bubble and only concerned with the Sabres but there is other news around the NHL.

Thomas’s play invites consideration - The Boston Globe
Still more talk about whether the team USA goalie should be Ryan Miller or Tim Thomas. Is there any doubt it should be Miller? I would be very surprised if Miller is not the starting goalie for Team USA in February.

The Hockey News: Headlines: NHLPA brings on MLBPA executive director Donald Fehr to help find Kelly replacement and draft new constitution
It was speculated a month ago that Donald Fehr would help the NHLPA and now that is a reality. Based on what we have seen from the NHLPA, this has to be good news.

Rich Peverley
This is truly one of the great success stories of the NHL.

The 10 most brutal NHL injuries of the last decade - Puck Daddy - NHL - Yahoo! Sports
The headline says it all.

Are the Jackets really going to leave Columbus? - The Cannon
Are the Jackets really going to leave Columbus? The Columbus Blue Jackets are the latest team to be in financial trouble. At some point we have to wonder what the purpose of the lockout was since teams are in deeper financial trouble than ever before.

Crawford trots to new colors | - The #1 Source On the Future Blue & Gold
NIck Crawford gets traded just days before I was going to watch him play in Erie on Wednesday. I guess I'll have to check when Barrie makes the trip.