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Morning Skate: Tortorella Blows up, Rangers Win

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I really hate the NHL schedule makers right now.  The Sabres played Saturday and now we have to wait until Thursday to see them play again.  I am just dying for another Sabres game and instead I'm stuck talking about John Tortorella.

D-Men Del Zotto and Gilroy lift NYR over Devils - NHL - Yahoo! Sports
The Rangers beat the Devils but not before John Tortorella went ballistic. We all know how angry Tortorella can get...wasn't he the one that went in the crowd after a fan when he was an assistant for Muckler? - The #1 Source On the Future Blue & Gold: 10/4 Recap: Adam takes advantage
Sabres Prospects offers a look at some of the Sabres prospects with Luke Adam as the headliner.

Ovechkin, Anderson and Tkachuk named NHL 'Three Stars' - - News
The NHL has already announced their first three stars of the season. There are already teams that have played three games but the Sabres aren't back on the ice until Thursday. You have to love the NHL schedule.

TSN - Final Escrow number Set
Does anyone really know what the escrow is all about? I won't even venture a guess but I assume the players are happy.

Will the Islanders Lighthouse Project Ever Happen? - SB Nation
By now we all know about the Lighthouse Project on Long Island. It will be a shame if it is the most publicized project that ever happens. Charles Wang is not confident and Islanders fans are nervous that they may lose their team. I've said this before but it wold be a shame if the Islanders move from Long Island.