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Game 9: Sabres vs. Devils Preview

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Game nine is decision time for the Sabres.  Decisions will be need to made about their rookie phenomenon Tyler Myers.  Myers has impressed Sabres fans and players alike.  Henrik Tallinder had this to say about Myers' play this season:

"He should play here," Tallinder said after practice Tuesday. "I'm really amazed with his poise with the puck. It's unbelievable for his age, 19. You don't see veteran guys have that."

The Sabres are going to be without Toni Lydman again as he suffered a setback with his groin injury.  Nathan Paetsch will fill in for Lydman.  In Paetsch's first game, he played 13:09 and was a -1 with five shots on goal.  The team as a whole played well against the Lightning and was able to sweep the points out of the Florida road trip.  The main difference between this season and last season is that last season's team doesn't score that goal in the last six seconds to tie the game up. 

The Devils are going to be without Paul Martin and Jay Pandolfo both of who suffered injuries this weekend.  Martin Brodeur will be in net for the Devils as their last game was on Saturday.  

Keys To The Game

Sabres:  Continue to play well in front of Miller.  Ryan Miller has been playing really well this season and the defense that has been playing in front of him has been a large part of that.  If the defense continues to play as well as it has, Miller should continue to play well and the team should be able compete for a win. 

New Jersey:  Try to stymie the Sabres offense.  If the Devils can get the Sabres to panic, they should be able to get the win.  Getting the Sabres to panic is going to be the difficult part because the Sabres as a team keeps composed even if they are down by two goals.