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Morning Skate: Questionable Hits, Kids at Work and Oranges for Sale

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Good Monday morning everyone.  The Sabres have a couple more days off after their comeback victory in Tampa on Saturday night.  We have plenty of good things planned for this week and here are some links to start it off.

YouTube - Tucker getting boarded by Ruutu (10/23/2009)
Colorado Avalanche left wing Darcy Tucker has been hospitalized for further evaluation after taking a hit from the Carolina Hurricanes Tuomo Ruutu at 5:26 of... This hit was rightfully suspended.

YouTube - Mike Richards annihilates David Booth [Original HQ]
Thoughts on this hit? I think it was late and therefore deserved a suspension. With that being said, I am not surprised the league did nothing.

Aud's orange seats hit the market - Business First of Buffalo:
Aud's orange seats hit the market. I already have Blue seats so I won't spend the money on these but I am going to try to win them. - The #1 Source On the Future Blue & Gold: 10/23 Recap: Tropp atop; Lagace clocked
A little something from Bakes at Sabres Prospects.

WGR 550 SportsRadio - Home of the Buffalo Sabres - Nothin' I Ever Seen?
Nick Mendola thinks that Tyler Myers may some day sign the biggest contract in Sabres history. He might be right.