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Morning Skate: Sabres Continue to Roll

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The Buffalo Sabres found their offense again last night as they beat the Florida Panthers 5-2 at the Bank Atlantic Center. There are obviously some happy Sabres fans right now as the team is is in first place in the Northeast Division.

Sabres shock world, beat Panthers 5-2 - Litter Box Cats
Litter Box Cats takes a look at the game last night from a Florida Panthers point of view.

Sabres deliver show of force in 5-2 win : Home: The Buffalo News
The Buffalo News recap of the game last night.

King of the Hill: Buffalo Sabres | Sabre Noise | A Buffalo Sabres Blog
Too early to think about being in first place in the Northeast division but I have to admit that it feels good.

Portland Pirates - News Release
This is the second suspension of the season for the Pirates. I guess they are building that toughness mentality at the AHL level.

Free Tickets to Portland Game - Buffalo Sabres - News

How NHL players have grown - From The Rink
NHL players have gone from an average of 5-foot-9 and 172 pounds in 1920 to 5-foot-11, 180 by 1955, 6-foot and 190 in 1980 and then, finally, up to the 6-foot-1, 205 pounds hockey players have averaged the last 15 years or so

More on bigger NHL players - From The Rink
With full credit to ESPN for the data, here's a look at how NHL players' heights and weights have increased over time, sorted by position

Dissecting A Deal | Double Edged Sabres
Vance takes a nice look at the Daniel Paille trade. He has some good analysis and really breaks down the positives and negatives.

Why Strachan was fired by Hockey Night | Truth & Rumours | On Sports And The Media | By William Houston
  The inside story of how Al Strachan lost his job at Hockey Night In Canada shines a bright, not so pretty light into the world of sports television and how