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Buffalo Sabres Game Checklist

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It has been nearly six months since the Buffalo Sabres played a meaningful hockey game.  Tonight they will take the ice against the Montreal Canadiens to kick off the 2009-2010 season.  Since it has been six months since the last game, I decided to give you a checklist to how things work here on game day.

  • Pre-Game - Sometime during the day, Die by the Blade will give you full preview of the game that night.  It will include a look at the Sabres, their opponent and the matchup between the two.  This is where you can go to talk about the game that will be played that night and you will get some valuable information along the way.
  • Game Time -  For every game that is played, DbtB will have an open game thread.  This is your area to come and chat during the game.  Because of the amazing commenting feature SB Nation uses, it will update automatically and you will not have to refresh to read what other Sabres fans are saying.  This will also have the most up to date lines that we can find for both teams.
  • SPG Game -  Last season we debuted a feature called the SPG Game.  It is back again this year with some new tweaks that were put in by Gary Perez.  A special thanks to Gary for putting together this wonderful tool for all of us to use.  We will award prizes for the monthly winners and a Buffalo Sabres jersey will be awarded to whoever wins at the end of the season. 

SPG is an online game where you predict which players on your favorite NHL team will get the first shot on net, take the first penalty, and score the first goal for each period in a game, including overtime & the shootout.

If you are interested in signing up for the SPG Game just click here and sign up.

  • Post Game -  We will have a full recap of the game as soon as possible.  On nights when a full recap is not possible immediately, we will put up a post game thread for you to comment on the game.

We hope to see everyone here tomorrow night as the Buffalo Sabres kick off the 2009-2010 season in style.  Keep in mind that you are able to comment from a mobile device so if you are at the game, or at a bar we hope to hear from you as well.