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Morning Skate: Happy Monday Morning

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I apologize for the lack of coverage this weekend and maybe someday I'll tell you the story as to why the coverage was sparse.  For now I have a couple of links for you to enjoy and this evening I'll post the stats pack from the loss to the Atlanta Thrashers.

Sabres Edge: Running the goalie
A couple of good videos. I think they are allowing too many liberties with the goalies...where do you stand on the issue. - The #1 Source On the Future Blue & Gold: 10/13-16 Recap: Tropp, Lagacé get tricky; Eidsness blanks rival
A good weekend for many of the Sabres Prospects. Bakes has a good look to summarize the happenings of the Sabres prospects.

100 facts to know about first 100 NHL games - - NHL Insider
It's been a wild start to the 2009-10 NHL season. Here are 100 fun facts regarding what we've seen thus far.

Tailgating to the extreme comes with consequences : Home: The Buffalo News
This isn't really Sabres related but it's an interesting article. What are your thoughts on tailgating? What would you think if they made alcohol in the parking lots illegal?