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Morning Skate: MacArthur Ready to Step Up?

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I only have a few links for you today as we get ready for the New York Islanders to come to town.  The Islanders appear to be an improved team that is just a couple of pieces away from being a good team.  Their lineup is scattered with young players that are relishing the opportunity.

I will be doing an appearance on Hockey Night in Long Island tomorrow at 5:30.  Feel free to listen to the show and weigh in with your comments.


Sabres Edge: Another quick start
This post from Mike Harrington brings up some really good points about the Sabres start to the season. I would like to offer a counterpoint...why not enjoy it while the team is playing well. I guess we should be realistic about how long the season is but I want them to win every game and I plan on enjoying it.

Fantasy: Replacing injured big guns; four not to sleep on - Puck Daddy - NHL - Yahoo! Sports
I had to post this because they list Clarke MacArthur as a player that should be picked up in fantasy hockey. We had many discussions about C-Mac throughout the off-season and he seems to be stepping up so far.

Wang: Lighthouse Project Still On - Slap Shot Blog -
The Islanders owner has refuted a story in The Long Island Press that said he was abandoning plans to develop a new arena, housing, shopping and entertainment complex in Hempstead.

Finally at peace, Theo Fleury begins to tell his story - Puck Daddy - NHL - Yahoo! Sports
By now you have all heard about the trials and tribulations of Theo Fluery. This book figures to be a must read for hockey fans and this gives you a glimpse into what to expect.