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Morning Skate: A Family Plan For Pirates at HSBC

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If you want to bring the whole family to a hockey game you now have your chance.  For only $80 yo can get four 100 level tickets and some extra goodies for the kids to enjoy.  I'm thinking of taking advantage and you should too.

Portland Pirates - News Release
Here is an opportunity for Sabres fans to get a chance to go see some of the players that will wear the blue-and-gold in the future. It's affordable for the whole family.

Sabres Edge: Vanek feeling much better
A little bit deeper look into the Vanek injury. It looks like he will definitely be in the lineup sooner rather than later.

Avs, Sabres, Lightning, Kings surprise NHL early - - NHL Insider
Dan Rosen of lists the Sabres as one of the surprise teams this season. I would take issue with that statement. I expected the Sabres to be a playoff team this season and I expect them to finish somewhere between fifth and seventh. I don't think that has changed because they have won three out four to start the season. This is a good team and if they get a couple of breaks they can be a great team.

Tactic or tragedy? Report claims Isles arena project abandoned - Puck Daddy - NHL - Yahoo! Sports
This would truly be bad news for the New York Islanders franchise. I have been very vocal i my support for the Islanders remaining on Long Island the notion of them moving is becoming more of a reality. It would be a sad day for all of hockey if the Islanders move.

As DirecTV feud drags on, could Bettman's VS gamble pay off? - Puck Daddy - NHL - Yahoo! Sports
An interesting read on the NHL's role in the Versus/Direct TV dispute. I would love to hear your thoughts regarding this issue. For many of us it doesn't make a difference but for many others they don't get to see their favorite team play.

Wisniewski improving, not happy with Briere - Ducks blog -
It looks like our friend Danny Briere doesn't have many friends in Anaheim.