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Temporary Post Game Thread: The Energizer Bunny Edition

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The Sabres are doing something tonight that they haven't really done all season, scoring.  By beating the Red Wings 6-2, the Sabres have at least shown that they can capitalize on the scoring chances they have created since the season started.  One concern for Sabre fans is what the status of Thomas Vanek is, he left the game in the second period with an upper body injury.  If the Sabres can continue to spread the offense, four players have scored tonight, missing Vanek may not be much of an issue.

Since tonight was a Versus game, we have the Eddie Olczyk quote of the game:

"I didn't know collisions started with a K."

Alright, so that was weak, how about the Harry Neale quote of the game:

"There it was, right up next to his jock."

You know, that's pretty weak too, how about Afino with the quote of the game:

"He was Osgood, he then was Osbad….and now he’s Osgone."

That pretty much sums up the game.  Dave will have the official review later tonight.