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Team With DBTB and SB Nation to Help Buffalo Area Students

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With the hockey season ready to start tonight, Die by the Blade is starting on a brand new adventure.  It has been a really fun summer and we have seen the site traffic triple as we head into the season.  I thought it would be great if we could use the community to help contribute to a great cause.

Die by the Blade as teamed up with SB Nation to help the Donors Choose Foundation.  The great part about Donors Choose is that you get the choice of what cause you want to contribute to.  As a site that is dedicated to sports, I am a very competitive person.  I hope to help a great cause and I also want to win.  Let's try our best to help Die by the Blade and SB Nation to lead the way on the Donors Choose Leader Board.

If you are interested in giving to Donors Choose via Die by the Blade please visit the Die by the Blade giving page.  If you want to know how Die by the Blade and SB Nation are doing, you can check out the SB Nation leader board here and the overall leader board here.

This kicked off today and will run through the end of the month, so save your pennies and help out the kids.