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Sabres Future Looks Bright

We all know that the NHL All-Star Game is a farce and the AHL game isn't far behind.  It is however encouraging to see Thomas Vanek selected to play for the Eastern Conference in the NHL All-Star Game and Nathan Gerbe, Tim Kennedy and Mark Mancari selected to play in the AHL All-Star Game.  Gerbe and Kennedy will both play for Planet USA and Mancari will suit up for team Canada.

The future of the younger guys is still uncertain but it gives you hope that they may someday become regular NHL Players and possibly even All-Stars.  In the case of Mancari, it doesn't appear that he'll have that opportunity to be a star for Buffalo but you have to think that he could become a valuable asset at trade deadline time.

Let's face it...this Sabres team has a bunch of raw talent but they don't have what it takes to make a run in the playoffs.  If they use guys like Mancari or other prospects to get some talent to bolster the lineup they may be able to make a run.  They have already proven that they can beat the best in the Eastern Conference (see record against Bruins).

Am I saying that the Sabres are going to make a run?  No I am not but the future does look very bright.