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Sabres nip the Sens

Before we even talk about the game let's get the biting incident out of the way.  Yep  I said biting incident.  If you don't know what I'm talking about you should be able to find something relatively quick by searching Ruutu bites Peters ( I just did a search and it pulls up numerous stories and videos).  It was one of the strangest things I have ever seen in a hockey game in my life.  I really wasn't sure how to react when it happened, should I laugh or be completely disturbed by such behavior?  The answer is to be disturbed.  What is going through someones head when they decide to bite another person?  On second thought, it was pretty funny too...hahaha!

Believe it or not they also played a hockey game and the Sabres were victoriuos by a score of 3-2.  It was the third consecutive win for the team and their fourth in their last five I should be happy right?  Answer... No I am not happy.  The Sabres struck early on a goal by sharp shooter (sarcasm) Matt Ellis.  It was the third goal in two games for Ellis who now has four on the season.  Buffalo led the game 2-0 after playing a really good first period.

Derek Roy put the Sabres up 3-0 on an ugly goal that actually was kicked in by a Sens player on accident.  At that point the Sabres must have thought the game was over because Ottawa took over the game.  Their first goal was scored from behind the net by Jason Spezza, a goal that Ryan Miller should never allow.  It took just over 30 seconds for Spezza to net another and pull the Sens within one at 3-2.

If not for some solid goaltending by Ryan Miller the Sabres would have easily blown a three goal lead tonight.  The Sens outshot Buffalo 11-4 in the third period and the Sabres fourth shot was an empty net goal by Thomas Vanek.

Blowing leads is reminiscent of last years team that failed to make the playoffs.  The difference is Ryan Miller.  Although I still criticize him at times, he has been much better this season than last.

The Senators have struggled all season and that is the main reason the Sabres got away with two points in thsi game.  They played sloppy all night and actually had 16 giveaways through two periods.  I don't know the final numbers but the third period may have doubled that total.  You get away with that against the Ottawa Senators but the New York Rangers won't let you get away with that type of play.  The Sabres are currently in eighth place in the Eastern Conference but I have a sinking suspicion that the ninth place team (Pittsburgh Penguins) are going to turn things around.

The Sabres got their two points but they need to better to be considered among the rest of the playoff contenders.  Luckily for the Sabres it appears that it will be a 10 team race because so many Eastern conference teams are already just about out of it.

Harry Neale Quote of the Game

The Harry Neale Quote of the Game was courtesy of Fucilli5 tonight.  It was actually an interaction between Rick and Harry in reference to the Ruutu biting incident.

Rick: I’m trying to bite my tongue
Harry: Don’t worry you won’t get a penalty.

Roll Call

Once again I wasn't here for the live Game Thread so we set a brand new DBTB record with 296 comments.  Thanks to everyone that participated in the open thread and hope you are having fun without me.  Can you tell I'm a bit jealous?

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