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Sabres win...Late Night Live Blog

Since I was forced to watch the game on tape delay and couldn't join in the Game Thread, I decided to write down all my comments and post them.  I'll have an actual recap tomorrow but for now, enjoy my thoughts on the game the same way I enjoyed all of your comments.

First Period

  • What has gotten into Matt Ellis?  Three goals in his last two games and he scores only 15 seconds into the game.
  • Wow!!!  Now we get a power play just 40 seconds in.
  • Terrible power play for the Sabres and Hank takes a bad penalty.  Talk about a momentum killer.
  • Heatley gets the idiot of the night award...he negates a power play with a feel good penalty.
  • Jarkko Ruutu just bit Andrew Peters!  Did I really just see that?  He literally bit him.  I'm not sure how to react to that.  Should I laugh or be disgusted by that?
  • Peters is a little upset I think, He just nailed Winchester as soon as he came out of the box.
  • What a goal by Drew Stafford to slide the puck through the legs of Alex Auld.  Nice play by Roy to get the puck to him as well.  Really liking what Stafford has done over the past month or so.  A 2-0 lead in the first period against a hapless team...they better not blow this.
  • Physical play is definitely picking up now.  After a harmless shot on net Goose gets a bit rough and Neil came in and got a bit physical as well.  You have to think more is coming.
  • Stay out of the box Buffalo...This is the third penalty of the period for Buffalo to only one for Ottawa.  Eventually they'll make us pay!
  • Great...Rivet is hurt again!  I hope it's not that serious.
  • I couldn't tell if Neil got Goose in the face or not but I'll be really surprised if this game doesn't get really, really physical.
  • I think I figured out why I hate the Senators.
  • Hahaha...Ruuttuu is complaining that Spacek hit him in the crotch with the stick, which he may have but it was accidental.
  • I just remembered that Mair went down the hallway the last time these two teams played.  Just another reason that I hate the Sens.

Second Period

  • What the hell was Sekera doing?  Did I just see him skate directly in front of his own net and lose the puck?
  • Finally... a Sabres power play this time!
  • Terrible play by Spacek at the Blue-Line and this Power Play has started out awfully.
  • Really liking Butler a lot...he doesn't make stupid plays and is so calm and cool with the puck.
  • Just as I'm typing they score a goal...the best part of watching it late on DVR is the rewind button.  Oh and the goal was ugly like Harry said but those are the type of goals we need to start scoring.
  • Am I the only one who hates the scrums after the whistle?  They seem so pointless.
  • How did that go in the net?  I didn't even see it go in.  That is a bad goal by Miller.  He cannot let in easy goals like that.
  • Crap...another goal by Spezza...this time on the breakaway.  News Flash guys...Spezza is pretty good, you may want to know where he is on the ice at all times.
  • This is the type of game we find a way to lose against Ottawa...I may have to start cheering for a new team if they blow this.
  • What a dumb penalty by Spezza with his team on the power play.
  • That's why Pominville needs better line mates than Ellis and Gaustad.  He blocked a shot and he streaked all alone down the ice because his line mates weren't fast enough to keep up.
  • Not a very good period for the Sabres although they seemed to pick it up at the end of the period.

Third Period

  • I do not like the direction this game is going.
  • A dumb play by MacArthur at Center Ice.  He had time and space to gain the red line and instead fired it down before getting across.
  • Well it was an ugly third period but it's a win.