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Sabres hand Bruins Rare Home Loss

I was unable to watch the game and I have been trying to get a chance to watch it before I posted.  Unfortunately circumstances have made me unable to watch it so I thought I'd share a few thoughts before watching the game.

  • Matt Ellis scored a pair of goals, only his 2nd and 3rd of the season .  He's really making a case for staying with the team when guys come back in the lineup.  He is not spectacular but he is solid.  He normally goes unnoticed in a game which is a compliment with the way the Sabres have played (before their last two games).
  • Jason Pominville has four points in his last two games, including two goals in the game against Toronto.  Pominville was one of the Sabres who had been struggling lately but seems to have broken his slump.
  • The Sabres have been an up-and-down team all season but somehow have managed five points in five games against the Bruins.  That's only a .500 record but we are talking about a team that is 29-6-4 on the season.  It's pretty impressive that Buffalo is two of the six losses and one of the four overtime/shootout losses.

Harry Neale Quote of the Game

A special thanks goes to HO for pointing ouut the Harry Neale Quote of the game on Saturday.

“Savard can see out of his ears. He has real soft hands with a great imagination”.
I love his quotes.

Roll Call

I guess it works out better when I'm not here because we had 211 comments (a new DBTB record) and plenty of spillover from other blogs.  Thanks to all that commented on the post and I'll inform you now that I will be on tape delay Tuesday as well so come on over and chat away.

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Up Next

Buffalo will head back home for a rare January home game.  They will face the struggling but hated Ottawa Senators at HSBC Arena on Tuesdaay night at 7 PM.