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Die by the Blade Just got Stronger

There have been a lot changes here at Die by the Blade since the blog started in July of 2007.  The site kicked off with the Drury/Briere thing and is hopefully on it's way to seeing it's first Sabres playoff game.  For almost 19 months it has been just me posting here at Die by the Blade but that will all change now.  Please join me in welcoming Zach to the team here at Die by the Blade.

Zach has done an outstanding job blogging at Dueling Sabres and now he is bringing his expertise here to Die by the Blade.  Zach plans to maintain Dueling Sabres (blogging about the Buffalo Bandits and other Buffalo Sports) while bringing his Sabres posts here for your pleasure. Zach will be posting here under the name of coolman856 so make sure to give him a warm welcome when you see his posts.

As the site has grown over the past couple of months, it became clear that I could not do it alone.  Adding Zach to the team is the first step in what we hope to be big things for Die by the Blade and all of SB Nation.  Remember that nothing ever remains the same and there may be plenty of upgrades for you real soon.

Give Zach a warm Die by the Blade welcome.