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Sabres offensive Outburst

Since it's not everyday the Sabres score 10 goals in a game I thought it would be fun to relish in it for awhile.  As I stated yesterday when the game is with guarded optomism that I will view the game tonight but yesterday was fun.  Really how many times does Drew Stafford score a hat trick, the answer is twice in his NHL career.  It's fun to see Tim Connolly playing and it's a bonus when he scores two goals.  Anyway I'm not the only one who enkoyed the game last night.

  • Kevin at BfloBlog decided to leave it to others to talk about the game but said all he needed to...the game was good.
  • Anne at Sabretooth's House was drunk on goals...I knew something was missing from my one man party here in my basement where all bloggers write from.
  • Dueling Sabres has a pretty detailed recap of the game and the events inside the game...much more detailed than I was willing to do last night before bed.
  • Ryan at the Roost shares his thoughts on the game as well.

As long as we are taking the time to share some links there are other Sabres related stories to share with you as well.

  • Heather at Top Shelf comes clean about being a bandwagon fan.  In typical fashion it is an outstanding read and I highly recommend reading it.  Honestly...Bandwagon fan or not, she is one of the best Sabres bloggers and an everyday read for me.  If it isn't an everyday read for you it should be.
  • Heather may have been inspired by this Jerry Sullivan blog post at TBN.
  • It seems that some of the biggest Sabres news lately isn't about the Sabres at all but rather Sabres prospect Corey Tropp.  If you are unfamiliar with the Tropp situation Bakes at SabresProspects has been following the entire story.  You can read the latest story about Tropp being kicked off the team but if you want to follow the story from the beginning just head over to SabresProspects.

Some other Sabres Notes

  • The Sabres figured out the best way to compensate for their injured defense...score a lot of goals.  I'm not sure they can get to the 10 goal plateau very often but it would certainly help.

  • Marc-Andre Gragnani has had a couple of crazy years and last night he made his Sabres debut on Defense.  I say on Defense because last season he played his first NHL game as Left Wing.  Gragnani was drafted a Defenseman but after struggling mightily last season in Rochester the Sabres decided to switch him to Left Wing.  That experiment ended and now this season he is playing Defense again and because of a rash of injuries with the Sabres and the Portland Pirates, he finds himself playing in the NHL.  He played 12:48 last night and he was a plus two...the score of the game probably took some of the pressure off.  My only issue with him was ahe had an opportunity for a shot in the slot and he elected to pass to Roy...shoot the puck kid!