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Vanek to take part in Elimination Shootout

Saturday night is the traditional NHL skills competition.  If you are tuning in to see Thomas Vanek, the only Sabres representative, you might as well tune in late.  Vanek will take part in only one event and if you blink you just might miss him.  There are a total of six events scheduled to take place but Vanek will only be entered in one...the Gatorade Elimination Shootout.

The Elimination shootout will be exactly what it sounds like.  All the players on both All-Star teams will take part and once you miss, you are eliminated.  Based on Thomas Vaneks recent shootout attempts, he could easily be one and out.  Vanek has missed his last six shootout attempts but he is 7/30 in his career.  I'm not sure if it will be an East vs. West format but Vanek is 1/3 against all the competing Goalies.  he has never attempted one against Nicklas Backstrom and Henrik Lundqvist while going 0/2 against Tim Thomas.  Vanek is hoping to go against J.S. Giguere who he is 1/1 in his career.

Enjoy the competition but don't just watch for the Sabres because you'll really bored!